Abraham Vladimir Dvorjets

Born November 6, 1950 in Omsk (Western Siberia) Russian Federation (RSFSR), 
part of the Soviet Union (USSR).

Father - Dvorjets Ilia (Eliahu) Abramovich. By profession - a military doctor, born in 1916.

Mother - Dvorjets (Pshetatskaya) Liya Nahimovna, neurologist, born in 1925.

My parents lived in the center of the Siberian town Omsk in the so-called 
"House of specialists" - right through the little square of the huge gray 
building of the Omsk KGB, which was much more of the following buildings 
on the same street - Regional Party (CPSU). Address has been - Lenin Street, 
Building 10.

This apartment was my maternal grandfather - Pshetatsky Nahim Mikhailovich, 
known in the town physician. Our family took her in one room, up to the birth 
in April of 1955 my sister Marina.

At the end of 1955 my father got an apartment in a new town district - officially it was 
called the Soviet District, informally - Oilerstown, 11 km. north of the city center and not 
far from the located below 5 km. Oil Processing Factory, smell of which was felt very 
strongly in the north wind. Evil tongues were called to the area Zakhlamino (Garbage Village)
by the name of the village formerly located there.

Our family lived on the street Oilers (later Maluntseva - named for director of the factory), 
moved a little more time to other apartment across the street, so lived up to my father's death 
in November 1983.

At first the area seemed very bad and awful, led the construction of the so-called VSO 
(Military Construction Organization) is really a prisoners camp, that have not yet touched 
the Khrushchev Thaw. A tram that goes to Oil Processing Factory and called - 1st VSO, 2nd VSO, 

In the morning, going to the balcony 3rd floor (our apartment), it was possible in 10 meters 
at the same height to watch the guard standing on the tower at the corner of the feince
at the next building site. In the morning the prisoners were brought to the construction site - 
evening taken away, and we (boys) were playing "war game" at the site, collecting patron shells,
riding on a raft in the water accumulating in the excavation of adjacent buildings.

Life and customs of that time were interesting, I would describe them in detail, only when 
I'm writing in Russian, I never forget a statement of one of the heroes of Kuprin: 
"Every Jew - always Russian writer." I do not want to be even the appearance of a Russian 
writer, so I have writing this memoirs at the same time also in Hebrew and English.

But more on that in a separate story, in this brief essay I will mention only that I have 
studied at first (about 3 classes) in elementary school, located temporarily in the building 
next store, and then in secondary school number 80, until 1965, when I entered the Novosibirsk
Physics and Mathematics special school.

Study in this school well deserves a separate story, after the school at years 1967-72 I studied 
at the University of Novosibirsk, the Mathematics Department. In mathematics, I was looking for 
above all accuracy (it came from physics and astronomy). However, having become acquainted with 
the work of the Constructivists, I realized that classical mathematics is not built on solid 
foundations. Disappointed in theory, by the beginning of 3rd year, I came to discrete mathematics,
and from there to programming. 1969 has belonged to the period of "storm and stress" in this 
(now conventional) science and practice.

In the third year I have learned on a special course Leonid B. Efros, a strong operating systems 
programmer, who led the development of the OS for soviet computers such as "Ural". He teach 
a language course on Alpha (extension of Algol-60). By the middle of the course I wrote my first 
program, and debug it. We worked on the soviet computer called "M220". Card input, output to 128 
wide character printing.

From this special course me and a few other students were enlisted into the "computer graphics lab", 
by its young manager and leader PhD Yuri Kuznetsov. In this lab, I worked until 1982, made with 
his help and his guidance in the 1980 PhD thesis - this is the separate story.

From 1982 to 1990 I worked at the Novosibirsk Geological and Geophysics Institute - it was a very 
large Institute that belongs to the  Ministry of Geology. At first I was the lab manager, but not very 
loving to do administrative work, and asked to move me to the position of "leading researcher". 
I was engaged in programming, writing manuals, etc.

From 1990 to April 1992 I worked as a programmer in the co-op, while preparing for the repatriation 
to Israel. I organized in the framework of the Novosibirsk Society of Jewish Culture Hebrew courses, 
participated in the work of the Society, met and accompanied Israeli teachers, etc. The "invitation" 
to Israel ordered directly at the embassy in April 1991, but received it only on the last day of the year.

I came to Israel, April 29, 1992 with my mother. We settled in a hotel in Haifa, and in July 1992 - 
in a caravan in a "caravan camp" Neve Carmel, at the southern entrance to Haifa.

Rapidly (within 2 months) finished first "Ulpan" (Hebrew language I taught even in Russia), I was in 
Ulpan second, and then once the third level. In the first half of 1993 was a large professional course 
at the Technion (actually compressed the second degree in programming). Arranged to work does not 
succeed, though I received many calls for interviews.

After the course, I have worked (for money) a few months in Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund) to trim 
the trees - and finally - successful interview in the Electric Company (Israel Electric Corporation). 
However, there were no permanent work vacancies - I have only a temporary contract for 2 months as
an "independent businessman". Next - a new contract, followed by another - and so for several months, 
and so during more than 2 years.

After that, they took me on a temporary rate is for five years. Wages, however, a factor of 2 smaller - 
but the stability ... To earn some money, took up additional teaching programming, using the preserved 
status of an "independent businessman" (which I save up to now) - this is a separate story.

Then adiitional contract with Israel Electric Corporation for three years and at the end of it, 
it was found for me a permanent work position. Since September 2003 - I am permanent in the company - 
the dream of many peoples in Israel. But this is not so simple. Over 10 years of my programs have 
become part of the production process of construction and reconstruction of power lines, and also
I have written the graphics module for the planning system for repairs to power plants - these two works 
were became the basis for my transfer to the permanent work place.

Now practically almost no teaching, only advise and help others do the Internet. The main work 
in the Israel Electric Corporation became more intense, the direction of its multiplied and expanded - 
barely have time to do what is intended.

Prior to retirement I have 5.5 years - much more needs to be done ...